V-Firm Serum

V-Firm Serum

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Firmness & Contour Corrector

Strengthen dermis structure | Plump volume Target 40+ | Rich milk texture

+15.1% plumper skin*

95% of women said they saw a reduction in nasolabial folds and an increase in face contour volume and cheekbone definition**

Biomimetic efficiency in a milky veil of comfort, this serum fortifies dermis architecture to help restore lost volume, improve elasticity and tone sagging skin for a firmer face contour and bounce.


A savant formulation of skin science and sheathing veil of sensoriality, V-Firm Serum places its focus on elasticity and tone. Proven, bioavailable ingredients that the dermis understands for targeted action on lost volume in the face contour and flaccid, gravity-impacted skin.

Designed specifically for complexions showing signs of maturity, this sumptuous serum brings back the bounce for plumper, firmer skin.

Suitable for all ages and skin types. Particularly beneficial for skin prone to dryness.

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