Intense C-Boost Mela-Even Cream (25 ml/0.85 fl oz.)

Intense C-Boost Mela-Even Cream (25 ml/0.85 fl oz.)

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Intense C-Boost Mela-Even Cream is a special oil soluble vitamin C infused cream which helps to reclaim the appearance of a younger, more healthy-looking luminous skin that has an even radiant glow.


Note: Intense C-Boost may be introduced during any stage of the Vitamin STEP-UP SYSTEM™, provided that the Environ “start low, go slow” philosophy is adhered to.

  • Pre-cleanse, cleanse and tone with your preferred Environ products.

  • First apply Mela-Prep Lotion to darkened areas of the skin, morning and evening.

  • Then mix equal amounts of Serum A and Serum B in the palm of the hand, gently massage into the pigmented areas of the skin morning and evening.

  • Cosmetic needling prior to the application of the Mela-Prep Lotion and Mela-Fade Serum System is recommended for advanced Environ users in the evening.

  • Finally apply Intense C-Boost to the full face (if the damage is extensive) / darkened areas (if the damage is localized) of the skin, morning and evening before moisturizing with your recommended Environ vitamin A moisturiser and a broad-spectrum sunscreen.


  • Light, non-greasy, oil-soluble vitamin C cream.

  • Helps improve the appearance of uneven skin tone, fine lines, lax and sun-damaged skin.

  • Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate is known to prevent lipid peroxidation to help reduce the look of aging skin.

  • Helps to provide the benefits of antioxidant protection.



12 months unopened
10-12 weeks period after opening
25ml (0.85 oz) airless tube dispenser